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I have been making staffs (EL-Sticks) and other art from electroluminescent (EL) wire since 2007.  I believe that I sell a unique product at a reasonable price and have an excellent warranty on my products.
Sorry, but right now, I don't accept credit cards as my site is still under construction

EL Dragonfly

Half-wired Wizard's staff
Showing part of the construction of a staff

My Goals
  • To have fun making these staffs.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To provide information and support regarding electroluminescent (EL) wire and other EL products.

My business was founded in 2007, when I made my first EL staff for Reggae on the River.  I received many favorable comments on it and thought that others may be interested as well, so I started fashioning additional staffs.  I've made almost two dozen of these and now make 2-3 per month. I also do some additional art work such as the EL dragonfly pictured on this page.